STRONG products !

At Smartfurn we set out to develop a range of flatpack furniture that was so simple and easy to assemble, that anyone could do it, in minutes and with no tools. In the process we designed an interlocking system that went way beyond this and produces a final product that is robust and very strong.

How strong ? Well we started by packing in a few bricks, we continued until we filled one shelf and kept on going 30 bricks later and hardly a bend or sign of stress. 60kgs in total and we plan on adding more.

Whilst we would definately not suggest you use your furniture to store building materials our products should provide you simple to assemble strong products built to serve you into the long run.

Quality Materials


Smartfurn uses a high quality South African produced wood particle board supplied with guarantees and certifications by PG Bison. This is the same quality board that is used for custom built cupboards.

All the board used in the Smartfurn product range is “A” Grade Melamine. It has a compact core, is hard wearing, and built to last. The result of this is that our product is uniform, has a matching and consistent look, and looks the same on both the outside and the inside.

The quality of the board, especially the board density, impacts the ability for the board to resist the breaking out of screws and fittings. Once broken the ability to re-attach or fix particle board is very low.

Smartfurn has intentionally avoided importing cheaper board in the past as a direct result of this risk and quality related issues. Our products can be maintained for years using normal household detergents, but for really stubborn marks and stains thinners can be used.



Smartfurn uses 1mm impact edging on all leading edges on its products. The impact edging is rounded, giving the edges a smooth, quality finish. This prevents catching and the edges being pulled away from the board.

Impact edging is possibly the most durable option of edging. Cheaper edging separates from the board over time when the board expands and shrinks due to temperature fluctuation experienced in the different seasons, whereas impact edging does not do this.



Smartfurn uses top quality hardware fittings. Smartfurn’s patented fitting has been designed and perfected by South African engineers. The fittings are manufactured by an injection moulding factory in Cape Town. All other fittings are sourced from ISO certified suppliers.

Strong Construction

The quality of materials provides strength and durability to the overall product. The patented Smartfurn fitting provides some key strength advantages over any traditional assembly approach.

Using the patented Smartfurn fitting in our assembly process allows all the load between boards to be spread across the entire fitting. On each connected edge we have stresses applied to more than 4 inches per side. This means that the product is capable of being free standing and when it is secured to a wall is even stronger than traditional built in solutions using screws that have a single point of loading directly on the screw thread.

Smartfurn's product design and connector system results in the various components of a product locking together in such a way that enhances overall strength and durability. By using our patented nylon fitting we are able to "provide for failure”. By this we mean that if a component board is subjected to extraordinary loading, the patented fitting is designed to pop out of its holes rather than breaking out the entire board. This solution is superior over manual installations, as well as traditional cam and pin flat pack solutions.

Backing is critical to the strength of any furniture structure. Apart from the stability that a backing provides, it ensures that the cupboard is square, which is fundamental for door alignment. The backing board creates a clear impression of a sealed and contained unit. The result is that the inside of the cupboard remains dust and dirt free.

Smartfurn surface mounted push stud backing pins enable the backing to be easily attached or removed from the cupboard.

All handle holes are precision pre-drilled and Smartfurn provides very good quality handles as standard. Pre-drilling ensures that handle holes are drilled precisely, ensuring that they are straight and level. This is crucial to our entire customer service philosophy that any customer is able to put our products together, with NO TOOLS or DIY experience or DIY confidence required.

Free Standing

Smartfurn cupboards are flexible. They can be free standing or attached to the wall. Either option is simple to achieve. If you want to move a cupboard to another position, another room or if you are moving home - no problem. Smartfurn products are strong enough to be dragged (empty, although a lot of testing has been done successfully on moving them full). This has fantastic application especially if you are renting and you don’t want a permanent fixture or if you sell your home and want to take your Smartfurn products with you.


Smartfurn products can be taken home in your car, which makes them immediately available. This is a DIY project you can take home and complete in less than an hour! You can use your cupboard the same day that it is purchased. You simply pay, take home, assemble in minutes and enjoy, that’s it. No delays no complexities.

All packaging has been designed to be carried and handled by 1 to 2 people and we have ensured that we limit our box weights to a maximum of 36kg and a maximum box size of 1800mm long x 900mm wide.

The entire Smartfurn value proposition has been built around a very clean and simple product to assemble, great quality with no complexity or tools required… no mess no fuss! Core to delivery of this proposition has been investing in a bill of materials that supports this, from high quality melamine particle board and materials to clip on hinges and elegant stainless steel bar handles.

Brandon from Kraaifontein has 2 x 2 door hang and pack cupboards in his 2 door Fiesta!

Kevin from Meadowridge can't quite believe he has 3 x 3 door wardrobes plus top cupboards in his Vito with serious space to spare!

Design & Dimensions

Smartfurn’s cupboard dimensions are designed specifically for South African homes. There is balance in design in the proportions between the bottom and top cupboards, so that when combined they not only look good and proportional but the combination is also functional and practical for the user.

Standard SA home ceilings are 2600mm high, Standard cornice 70mm but more ornate cornices can be up to 140mm. At 2400mm, our bottom and top cupboard combination can stand underneath the bottom of the cornice.

Smartfurn bottom cupboards are 1800mm high, which makes the top cupboard accessible for many customers without ladders or chairs.

The top cupboard's external height is 600mm with an internal height of 568mm. This height provides a lot of flexibility to what can be stored in the top cupboard: items such as suitcases, storage boxes and bedding.

Smartfurn door dimensions are proportional to the design and ensure that they consider two important factors.

  1. The doors are not oversized: Homes are getting smaller and smaller. There is less clearance room when doors are opened. In some cases cupboards can't open fully as the doors are inhibited by the end or side of a bed. (For example, a standard bed is 1.9m. Most bedrooms are no bigger than 3m x 3m, leaving only 1.1m clearance for a cupboard door. A Smartfurn cupboard's width plus the doors in open position comes to 920mm, which means that the door will be able to be opened fully).
  2. The weight of the door and stress on the hinge. Smartfurn's cupboard doors have 3 hinges and doors are 1700mm high x 450mm wide. The 3 hinges on the door will last far longer than on larger doors that are much heavier.