Revolutionary Assembly

Smartfurn products are so easy to assemble as you require NO TOOLS to build!!

The other feature that makes Smartfurn products so simple is that most of the fittings have already been factory fitted into the components. Most flat pack systems come with a rather large and intimidating packet of loose fittings. Smartfurn removes the complication of trying to figure out what fitting goes where!

Not only have the fittings been inserted for you, there are color/number matched stickers on the components for easy identification and construction. All you have to do is ...align and ...slide.

As mentioned before, Smartfurn products require no screws or nails. Assembly is quick and easy using our patented interlocking fittings.

Modular – get built in!

Smartfurn cupboards are modular, which means that the cupboard sizes are standardised so that you can create your own built-in set of cupboards. The cupboards can be simply and easily extended with our range of Smartfurn products. You can create your ultimate cupboard design and look. Because all Smartfurn cupboards are free-standing, you can install your built in set of cupboards in one go or over time as your budget will allow. This makes the built in cupboard (BIC) experience affordable and convenient.

For example, you might not be sure if you want or need the top storage cupboards, so you can buy the bottom cupboard(s) first and add on as you need. Whether you are buying a 1, 2 or 3 door cupboard or a combination of different cupboards, Smartfurn products are interchangeable, which gives you plenty of choice and flexibility. Whatever the space you have available, we are sure you will find a solution with a combination of Smartfurn cupboards.

Cost Saving

Because the assembly system is so easy, it saves you the additional cost of employing a handyman or cabinet fitter.
It also saves the inconvenience of having to arrange contractors coming to your home and making the inevitable noise and mess that comes with having contractors in your home.

Finally we have a furniture assembly system where:

- Men don’t need to follow instructions
- Women don’t need men
- And children can get involved

The result is fun for the whole family, which is enjoyable and rewarding!

Smartfurn products are that easy to assemble. In fact, it's child’s play.

The Smartfurn Customer Experience

From beginning to end, Smartfurn products have been designed to be simple and accessible to all.

There are not many people out there who have the necessary skills to construct a built in cupboard, however, with Smartfurn this is now within everyone’s reach.

All aspects of Smartfurn's product range, from the clip-on hinges, handles, packaging sizes and layout, backing board and materials, have been designed with this in mind. Each decision has been based upon ensuring assembly can take place without tools, complicated calculations, cutting lists, drilling into walls, and by someone with very little DIY experience.